As the third anniversary of the devastation of September 11th approaches, and as people the world over struggle for freedom, here are some resources and ideas for you to think about using with your students.

I think in the elementary grades I would focus on Heroes as my opening theme for the school year. We can learn about the qualities of Heroes from literature, history and from our personal heroes. We can examine ourselves to see how we have been heroes, or might be heroes in the future. You can examine the heroes of September 11th if you choose.

Quotes about Heroes:

Here are some resources for a study of Heroes…

A Website with Heroes from all walks of life - and a place to share your heroes with others if you wish.

Kids Write about Heroes:

Characteristics of Heroes:

Lesson Plans on What Makes a Hero:

Lesson Plan: Traits of Heroes (7-12):

Hero Lesson Plans and Resources:

Lesson Plan Writing about Personal Heroes:

Examples of Heroes from History:

The Underground Railroad - Heroes then and Now:

Heroes of History:

Collection of Amazing Americans:
(related lesson plan: _lesson_plan.asp?id=350)

Collection of Biographies and Stories of Powerful People and Heroes:

Famous Women Heroes:

Historical Heroes for K-2:

George Washington Carver Lessons and resources:

Time's Most Important People of the century

Heroes Today:

Hero Project:

A webpage focusing on Abilities includes a self-assessment of traits and strengths:

HUD Looks at Things kids Are Doing to Help:

Role Models (Famous People) on the Web:

Wildland Firefighter's Story:

Women in Science:

Global Heroes (7-12):

Heroes Submitted By Others (includes responses to 9/11):

Webquests about Heroes:

Webquest for Describing what a hero Is:

Brave Memories: Everyone can share a time when they felt brave, and learn about when others felt brave --- Inspired by the book - Brave Irene

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